I was recently hired by the developers at the new Hatchspaces facility in El Sereno to create a mural that showed respect and pride for the neighborhood as well as a connection to the scientific work that would be happening inside this new facility. After many meetings and conversations we came up with an idea that would highlight the four different chemical compounds that are attributed to happiness:
dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin. We also chose to highlight local town hero and science leader Willie Zuniga. Watch the video below to give you a better sense of the project.
Video and pics shot and edited by Reggie Reagor © 2019


Sometimes a good creative project lands on your lap and the client happens to be just as cool as the project itself. This was one of these scenarios.  Immediately it became apparent that POSEIDON was going to be the subject of the mural. Watch this short video and see how it all came together!
Filmed and edited by Brian Capener for RTI © 2019

Some progress shots below capturing the process from sketch to painting to filming the mural and the unveiling with family and friends.


Been wanting to bust out these colorful characters for a while now!
Click the video below to check out the making of the mural.
Video by Reggie Reagor. (IG @reggiereagor)

Some more pics below for you to enjoy. Go see it in person in DTLA on 6th near Union!


Enjoying my 15 seconds of fame! 

Some of you may have recently seen my mug and mural featured at the beginning of this commercial spot for PPG and YES it was all hand painted using actual PPG TIMELESS exterior paints! 

*No aerosol spray cans were hurt in the creation of this mural! Lol.


I was asked by my friend and old college roomie (Van Partible of Johnny Bravo fame) to come to paint live for his colleagues at Surfer Jack Productions for a fun night of creativity.  Sounded like a fun thing to do on a Friday night in Venice so I was game. The big cheese over there is Swampy (Phineas and Ferb co-creator) what a cool guy! We hit it off and I painted their garage doors with a funky character face and some stylized lettering. It was great night, enjoy the pics below.


I was recently commissioned by Footaction to create a mural in their East Los Angeles store on Whittier Blvd. They gave me a lot of liberty with the art and just wanted something that reflects what I do in the context of our Latino culture. I call this mural "Somos Raza". If you stop by don't forget to tag me on any photos you post!
Enjoy the time-lapse video below.

Man One teams up with Footaction to create a new interior mural titled "Somos Raza" for their East L.A., Whittier Blvd. location. Assisted by Realms, edited by Reggie Reagor.

Man One © 2018