Man One has worked with many high level clients over the years and created artwork for many of today's top global brands. Here are a few companies and partners that are currently sponsoring his endeavors.

Pivot Planet:

I am a featured advisor on Pivot Planet.  It's a site where you can get advice from experts in different fields. So if you think you would like to get into the art world as an artist or gallerist and have questions you'd like to get answered before you dive in head first, then you can book a session with me and ask away!  I have helped a few people in getting realistic about their goals in the arts and it's quite satisfying.  So if you'd like to book a session (in person or video) or just to get more info about Pivot Planet, click here.

Learn the ins and outs of running a gallery.

Learn what it takes to be a successful artist in this art world.