Man One has worked with many high level clients over the years and created artwork for many of today's top global brands. Here are a few companies and partners that are currently sponsoring his endeavors.

Artworx LA:

I have been working with Artworx LA (formerly the Heart Project) for almost the last decade as an artist.  I am a very big fan of what they provide for the youth of LA.  Their mission is to "combat the epidemic high school dropout crisis with a long-term, sequential arts program offering a pursuable life path that inspires students to stay in school, evolve as unique individuals and flourish as creative adults."

In short, they provide continuation high school students with access to professional artists to keep them engaged and successful in school.  I have taught many workshops through the Heart Project and led several residency programs as well.  

Working with youth is something I love doing since it reminds me of when I was young and how art inspired me to become somebody.  Please feel free to visit their website and make a donation if you are so inclined. It's definitely for a good cause.



Sketch book drawings by Artworx LA participants

Customizing a piano for the Play Me I'm Yours campaign