Lorena...Rest in Peace.

I don't really like to blog about things that are extremely personal to me, especially as it relates to my family. So I was debating whether to blog about the tragic death of my sister-in-law who passed away last Friday afternoon, or not. But after seeing the outpour of love and support for our family over the past weekend, as well as the media frenzy to cover the story, I now feel compelled to do so.

Andrea Lorena Meza ("Nena" as she was affectionately known) was only 31 years old and a mother of 4. She was tragically struck by a school bus while she was walking to pick up my 8 year old niece from school in Walnut. She also had her 2 1/2 year old daughter in her arms but somehow managed to throw her to safety before being crushed by the bus. My brother-in-law is completely devastated, and my nephew and 3 young nieces are taking the loss very hard as well. Our whole family has united behind them to help comfort them as best we can, but this will be a long and rough process.

A fund has been set up to help the family, please contribute if you feel compelled to do so.
You can contribute to the following:

"Andrea Meza Memorial Fund,"
Wells Fargo Bank, P.O. Box 300,
West Covina, CA 91793

Thanks for all your prayers and positive thoughts.

You can read more about this tragedy in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune

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