Photo by Aaron Salcido

I spoke at the Fowler Museum last Thursday night (Jan.13th) alongside Retna, Aaron Rose, Patrick Polk and it was moderated by Jori Finkel from the LA Times.

The evening was very interesting to say the least.

If you missed the event it is worth checking out the hour long video here:
Fowler Museum: Street Art Panel

You can read more here:
Zocalo Public Square

View event photos on:
Zocalo's Flickr

*Thanks to Isabel-Rojas Williams for the following pics!

Me and Retna at the reception after our talk

Speaking with photographer Larry Yust

Saying hello to some fans!

MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch was in the crowd that night and walked away seemingly unscathed by any further talk of the controversy he created. No one talked about the Blu elephant in the room!

I think the moderator purposefully avoided the censorship question and not enough questions were allowed during the Q&A, because I definitely spotted some freedom fighters waving their hands in the air trying to get a question in!

Also, I wonder why Deitch didn't introduce himself to me that night?
I've yet to meet him...

Maybe he was too busy trying to find out who passed out these condoms:

I like what these guys are doing, finally some artists using their brains + art to create a voice against censorship in America!