I was hired by ICAN at the Playhouse to create workshops and murals using my talents as an artist to help engage youth and affect social change.  The mural we created as part of this process was at the city's center at the Guildhall Square.  We painted a temporary wall with the theme of "Natural Beauty".

I designed it with the help of a local artist, Easi, and about 10 young people from Derry/Londonderry during my stay there in Northern Ireland.

I decided to go with a theme that's totally opposite of all the heavily politically charged murals that exist in this area.  This part of the country is so picturesque and the green of the grass and the terracotta of the houses is what inspired the color choices.

Also, the orange and yellow flowers that grow directly in front of this wall were a point of inspiration.

It took us roughly a little over a week to complete thanks to the Irish mist which seemed to soak us almost every day.

At the end of the project I think the goal was achieved.  The youth involved were able to work together despite their differences and create a beautiful piece of art. They learned new techniques and methods of using their art for positive change.  I made great friends and look forward to whats next for them as Derry is being honored as the first City of Culture of the UK in 2013.

For more pics check out the slideshow below or on my Flickr page: