On my third workday, we traveled across the water from Changuinola to Isla Colon on these not so modern water taxis that actually picked up some crazy speed! 

20 minutes later we arrived to the island named after Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) who landed here. This was my favorite part of my Panama trip. The water is crystal clear, the buildings are so colorful and the people so diverse. I've never seen so many people from all over the world gathered in such a small place. Many people were there for La Feria del Mar, unfortunately I never made it to the fair but the people and the experience made it worthwhile.

The Island has a very Caribbean feel and really laid back. Lovely architecture and colors.

The food is great and for some reason they serve a lot of pizza. You know you've made it when there's a pizza named after you!

My project for this day was to paint a mural at the main park Simon Bolivar.  Although the wall was wider rather than tall, it made for a perfect graffiti letter piece.

The wall was kind of dirty but we were able to talk the local firemen into "powerwashing" the wall for us, that's a first!

I decided to bust out an "Isla Colon"  for the locals.  The weather was easily over 90 degrees and the humidity was very high. The Panama sun is brutal and I was pouring sweat for the 5 hours or so that I was painting.

Some of the local kids helping me out.

The end result was a "COLON" piece with the "O's" painted like looking glasses revealing snapshots of the island's architecture and seascapes. The mural was an instant success! It was cool to have all the people in the park break out in applause and cheers when I put the final signature on the piece. Wow! 

It's the first public graffiti mural on the island and people immediately started flocking to it to take photos in front of the mural. It's the newest tourist attraction on the island.  I'm honored to have been allowed to create something so special for the people in this small but unique community.

Special thanks to the U.S. Embassy for hosting my trip and making it an unforgettable and successful experience. Hopefully we can do it again! Alison and Miguel you guys were great partners!

Shouts out to the APAP and specifically ICH for helping me with the buff and painting of the wall as I was ready to pass out from the heat! 

Also to local artist (and bartender) FuloCoqueno who hooked us up with drinks all nite. Sorry but I wasn't brave enough to swing into the ocean from the bar like all the Germans were doing. Gracias rasta!

More pics from my trip in the slideshow below or by going to my Flickr: