This is the first time (that a know of) where a poem was written, inspired by one of my murals. Enjoy!


                                    On “The Downtown Artist at Large”
                                    A Mural by Man One, Los Angeles, 2012
                                                  for Lamont

                                    by:  Joseph Ross © 2013

                                    If only America’s roof
                                    could keep out the cold

                                    the way colors sometimes
                                    can, the artist’s brush

                                    might tower over
                                    the world like God or

                                    God’s mother, awaiting
                                    not worship or gold

                                    but use. The brush gripped
                                    to splash the color of light

                                    in the shape of a broken
                                    life. Good and evil,

                                    the saliva of God, wait
                                    impatiently to mix with

                                    the hue of open eyes,
                                    the color of coffee,

                                    the shade of an impatient
                                    country where some are never

                                    at home. The artist finally
                                    arrives at the color

                                    of a wall’s destiny:
                                    every rich man’s wall re-born

                                    with a poor man’s face.
More info on the poet: www.JosephRoss.net