Since we now have a new mural ordinance allowing for permitted murals to be erected around the City of LA, I have decided to finally launch my own citywide mural campaign!

I'm calling it #FACESLA.

(preliminary concept sketch, "voLAr", © 2014, Man One)

My murals for this campaign will focus on creating large multi colored portraits of people I consider worthy of recognition, not because they are famous or celebrities, but simply because they are common Angelenos.  Ranging from community leaders to family members or just happy playful children, these murals will serve to re-shape the landscape of our City of LA.  I will also be hiring young apprentices to help me create these works of art so that they may learn to one day create their own works of art on the City's streets.

As a native Angeleno, I know that L.A. is more than just Hollywood glitz and glamour.  L.A. has countless stories to tell that are hidden within beautiful communities of multi-ethnic people.  Most of these people are hard-working and thankful to live in this "City of Angels" and I am proud to put the spotlight on them.

Although I have secured private funding for the first few murals, I will be looking for others who are interested in this campaign to offer their walls, give financial support, or by simply nominating possible "faces".  I plan on producing at least 1 mural a month (indefinitely) throughout L.A. County.  

Mural #1, entitled "voLAr", will begin in August in Downtown L.A. Please share the campaign using #FACESLA on all your social media accounts and help me re-brand, re-shape, and re-face
 Los Angeles!

To get involved contact:
For the full press release go to: UrbanHeartPr