The City of Long Beach Department of Parks, 
Recreation and Marine Mural & Cultural Arts Program is hosting:
October is Arts Month
FREE! Public Art Forum
Sunday, October 11th from 3pm – 5pm

Sterns Champions Park
Community Center
4520 East 23rd Street
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 570-1685

We will be discussing the creation, maintenance and community/private or city/state government ownership of public art.  The pros, cons of community art, who decides on the artists, funding for projects, local artists versus a regional, state, national, international call for artists, etc.

Artist Panel Includes: 
Man One
Elliot Pinkney
SwissPrecise (aka Kenneth S Cassidy)

MODERATOR: Craig Cree Stone
is a Professor of Art in Public Practice and the Director of the American Indian Studies Program at CSULB. Known for his public artworks that often incorporate the use of shadows to allude to the history and activities of the area where they are located, Stone’s art in the public sphere is located throughout Southern California.  Ranging from a block-long building in the fashion District of Los Angeles to a park atop a hill in Signal Hill, to the entrance to City Hall in Manhattan Beach, a building lobby constructed as an artwork to a street long project entitled, Shadows Casting on the Shore, (1995) that is literally permanent “street art” where images of shadows extend from the parking meters along Second Street in Belmont Shore, on the sidewalks and up the walls of buildings. His most recent effort entitled: Image Emergence: Promenade of Clouds (2011) consists of the design of a plaza including five large sculptures for the first block of the Promenade in Long Beach.

For more information please contact:
Heather Green, Cultural Supervisor