That's "G"

At least that's what Gatorade said!
"I'm in the know and making things happen.."

So what does that mean??
I get cool stuff for one!

I got this dope black briefcase delivered to my gallery (Crewest) "a la Pulp Fiction" with a "G" logo embossed on the top. I was like hell ya, now I'm gonna find out what Marsellus Wallace was after!

Sure enough he was looking for G!

Inside I found some cool swag:

New Gatorade flavors with the all new "G" logo and tagline names like FIERCE: "BRING IT" and RAIN: "NO EXCUSES"

Dope hat and tee from the fellas at Leroy Jenkins

A nice book featuring famous athletes who are "G" (not pictured)

And a 2G flash drive with a cool lil video attached...

So like a true "G" I took my new product and carefully stashed it alongside the rest of my weapons of choice...

Can't wait to see what the next round of "G" is...

I hope its GRAFF!!

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