Hitting the #BullseyeU @zipcaru @target @ford #focus #streetart #graffiti #art #livepainting
This week I was commissioned by to paint one of their cars at a huge Target event they were sponsoring for a day over by UCLA.

Bullseye University was a real time, live streaming show that had top Youtubers living in dorm rooms for the week.

Every room on the "set" was furnished with Target's products and could be purchased directly via the live stream by just clicking on the product. Pretty intense marketing strategy and quite the production.

I spent the whole day painting the car with washable paints and markers. People from all over the world got to tune in and see me paint the Ford Focus live as well as some short interviews which allowed me to tell my story as an artist, accomplishments, and insights to my art.

All and all it was a great time and good exposure for my art! Click below for more pics from that day.

Image 2Hitting the #BullseyeU @zipcaru @target @ford #focus #streetart #graffiti #art #livepainting
Image 1
Thanks #bullseyeu it was real!  @target @zipcaru @ford #focus #streetart #graffiti #art  #goodnight#graffiti #spirits #CreepingOnIn #bullseyeu for @zipcaru @target @ford #focus #streetart Tune in Online as i finish painting this car btwn 7-7:30pm

ZIPCAR, a set on Flickr.


Timelapse video of a BMW car hood I painted for my URBNLUX exhibition in October 2011 at Crewest Gallery.

Here's a pic of me with basketball great John Salley in front of my piece.

Painting on car hoods has become a favorite canvas for me over the past few years.
I like the smooth and glossy finish when I'm done clear coating them.

A few other hoods I've painted...

"Man On Hood" -  featured in "Street Cred" at the Pasadena Museum of California Art in 2011

Hood commissioned by H&H Auto Body

"Eazy E" from the Boyz On The Hood exhibit at Crewest in 2005

Available for commissioned work:



I'm being featured on MTV TR3S' new season of PIMPEANDO.

Aired on Monday December 8, 2008 at 4pm and 9pm (PST)

I spray painted a Nissan Armada a couple years ago and MTV wanted to feature it for their '08 fall season. So new host, Omar Cruz, interviewed me with the ride.

Lookout for the segment. It's on Monday's at 4pm and 9pm on MTV3 starting Oct.20th. Check my blog for more after it airs, hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on the video segment but for now here's a sneak peak..

**They also shot a car and model (Mercedes Terrell) in front of one of my murals in Hollywood. That should be hot! Look out for it!

This video is from an earlier episode of PIMPEANDO featuring my mural as a backdrop for this Mercedes Terrell interview.