If you are in D.C. go check out this show curated 
by Luna George (my handy assistant at Crewest!)

I just have 1 piece in the show:

lots of other great artwork from our stable of artists, some for the first time on
the East Coast!


Above the Radar II
Show Dates: 
Nov.5-Dec.3, 2011

The Fridge
516 1/2 8th Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Gallery Website: http://www.thefridgedc.com/

Confirmed Artists:
2wenty, 4sakn, Bash, Bron Theron, Bytedust, Chor Boogie, Chuck Hodi, Crash Manson, CS Navarette, CYFI, CYRCLE , Danny Perez, DENZ One, Dersk, Destroy All Design, DJ Neff, Drast, Dread, Dril One, Deih, Each, Else, EnikOne, Eone, Heaven, Homo Riot, Hungerman, Hydra, INEPT, IROK, Jero,  Joe Iurato, John Carr, JTS, JW Pippen, Kophns One, Man One, Mar, Max Neutra, Mear, Michael Pizarro, Nils Jawa, Nineta, Phers, Phever, Political Gridlock, Pose 2, Revel, Rick Rodriguez, Rome, Sand One, Scotch!, Septerhed, Sergio D, Shai Dahan, SMEAR, Steve Martinez aka Pablo Jimenez, Thomas the Messenger, Valerie G, Vanae Rivera, Victor Malagon, Vyal and more…



 I painted this 200 foot long mural in East LA last month. It was sponsored by DickiesGirl on one of their buildings and I was given pretty open range to create. I decided to create a giant MAN piece across the front with Pinky and the Brain characters standing off to one side. On the parking lot side is the second much smaller mural of about 15' x 45' with a similar theme but this time Pinky and the Brain are on the moon, "Continuing Our Invasion".


Check out the video and some pics below:


MAN ONE WALL 15' X 200' WALL ELA 2011


“Walls of Passion - The Murals of Los Angeles”
Photo-documentary exhibition of 32 murals from throughout the Los Angeles Basin
Opening Reception
Saturday, January 31, 2009
6 to 10 p.m.

Panel discussion with artists, experts, students and curator
Saturday, Jan. 31, 6:30 p.m.
Man One, Paul Botello, Kent Twitchell, Francisco Letelier, Dr. Holly Barnet-Sanchez, Dr. Roberto Cantú, Elizabeth Morín, Dr. Michelle Hawley, Isabel Rojas-Williams, and Justine Bae.

California State University, Los Angeles
Fine Arts Gallery
5151 State University Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Gallery Hours: Monday-Thursday and Saturday, noon – 5 p.m.
Admission free.

The exhibition includes photos and analyses of murals by the following artists:
Paul Botello (assisted by Adalberto Ortiz, Gerardo Herrera, and Gustavo Sanchez)
David Botello
Dan Collins
El Congreso de Artistas Cosmicos de las Americas de San Diego (Mario Torero)
Rip Cronk
Boris Deutsch
Sandra Drinning
Dsyple One
Earth Crew (Erik “Duke” Montenegro , Benjamin James Frank, Jr., Rogelio “Angst” Cabral, and Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo. Coordinated by Helen Samuels)
The East Los Streetscapers
Charles Freeman
Roger Hayward
Francisco Letelier
Man One
Christina Miguel-Mullen & the East-West Community Partnership
Mister Cartoon and T Loko
George Samerjan
Terry Schoonhoven
Eliseo Silva
Thomas Suriya
Roderick Sykes and Jacqueline Alexander-Sykes
Nelyollotl Toltecatl
Eloy Torrez
Kent Twitchell
Richard Wyatt
John Zender-Estrada, Nuke, Chose, Siner, Zuco, Scud, Cahli, Shandu and Duce
Student photographers, project creators: Erick Altamirano, Justine Bae, Elif Castellanos, Fernando Cervantes, Lisbeth Espinosa, Leslie Jacobo, Laura Lesko, Jeanie Kim, Tiffany Kim, Nicole Marquez, Lesley Negrete, Isabel Rojas-Williams, Kasia Somerfeld, Tiffany Staines, Taneka Washington, and Manuel Aguilar-Moreno (professor).

Curated by the Art History Society at Cal State L.A.

Sponsored by Cal State L.A.’s Department of Art, American Communities Project, Art History Society, Reprographics, Cross-Cultural Centers and Associated Students, Inc.

My Sister Karen Portrait at Self Help Graphics

It's cool to see my Sister Karen mural at Self Help Graphics was used as the backdrop for the main stage where so many cool bands performed at this year's Dia de los Muertos event on November 2nd.

The piece was originally commissioned by the MTA, but after the mural was brought down earlier this year I donated this section of it to SHG.

Here are some cool shots of her portrait blessing the event.

Self-Help Graphics DOD 2008

Self-Help Graphics DOD 2008

Haru Kuroi!

Haru Kuroi  Kill Sonic!




EL-Haru Kuroi at Self Help Graphics..