As some of you may know, I am a big supporter of the HeArt Project, an organization that connects professional artists with continuation high school students from around LA.  I lead a 12 week workshop residency program every Spring where I work with about 15 young participants from the LA area to produce visual art.

This year the HeArt Project teamed up with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra to produce an art piece on a stand up piano for a city wide project called "Play Me I'm Yours".  My students and I were given the honor to produce this piece of art on a piano (one of only 30 city wide) to represent the HeArt Project and Los Angeles in this global campaign bringing art and music to public spaces.

The piano we created was painted with acrylic, spray paint, and even stickers.

The students put their own  flair into it including 2 characters reflecting music and youth culture.

The majority of the piano was painted in a colorful mosaic of abstraction and color.

To show the youth's own take on ownership, "Hello  My Name Is" stickers were adhered to the top of the piano reflecting names and words of their choosing.Untitled

Our piano has been installed at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music at 100 North Hill Ave. Pasadena, CA 91106.

The piano is accessible to the public for the next few weeks. Feel free to stop by and make some spontaneous music out in public!

If you take video or photos, you can upload them very easily to the page dedicated to our piano:
Street Piano by Man One + Heartproject @Pasadena Conservatory

You can check out all the other pianos and their respective locations on their site as well:

Tell your friends to go check them out!

Here's someone playing it!

Here are some slideshow pics of us in action or check it out on Flickr:



I just created a new limited edition silkscreen print entitled "Young World".
100% of the proceeds go to benefit the Heartproject!

"It's a statement about how young people can transform the world through their art. Young people have the tools to do so, all they have to do is create and they will be heard." - Man One

For only $50, purchase a "Young World" print to benefit The HeArt Project. Only 100 are available, each signed and numbered, 18"x24".

To purchase online, click here and enter YOUNG WORLD in the "Designation" field. For multiples, enter your total donation amount (ie. $150) and indicate quantity in the "Designation" field (ie. 3 YOUNG WORLD). Prints are delivered unframed.

Special thanks to: Two Rabbits for making the print happen!

Honored by the HeArtproject!

Last Thursday night I was honored by the HeArt Project for the work I've done with youth in LA through their great program.

I was honored alongside councilwoman Jan Perry and architect Ted K. Osborn

It was such a special event. Thanks for everyone who attended and contributed their art and time to such a special cause.

Here's a nice link about it on Culture Serve

Here is a blog from someone who attended...I guess it truly was an inspiring evening!
Catherine Just Photography: The heART project