I was tapped on the shoulder to create an original and eye grabbing installation for the Dickiesgirl booth at the Las Vegas MAGIC Show in February. 

Here's the video of the process:

IMG_0380 - Version 2

I was given 500 pairs of denim in 23 colorful styles to pull off the unique art piece. 

I decided to do two separate walls of denim. The first was a colorful spectrum blend starting in the middle with white denim that peacefully transformed from light and pastel colors to darker hues and bold colors in either direction. I chose to spray paint large graffiti text like: MAN, COI and other words that refer to my street art name and affiliated crews.

On the second wall of denim, the pants were arranged in non-sequential format.  The result was a much more abstract design.

The installation at MAGIC was a success to say the least.



IMG_0372 - Version 2

Thanks to Migs and Wence for assisting me to get this done on time!

Look out for Man One custom Dickiesgirl denim soon to a store near you!

*Click here for more pics of this project on my Flickr.



Visual event re-cap...
Slideshow of the Levi's event and some of the pieces we created:

You can also view the images directly on my Flickr:

this Friday, I will be painting live at this Levi's event up in the Bay and giving away free artwork created and customized on the spot!

Look for me and the homies Apex and Chez, as we rock some quick little pieces while you wait in line for your free pair of Levi's® Curve ID jeans!

Then scoop up a unique tee printed by the homies from Hit n Run.

All the while, enjoying live music by Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward's band She & Him.

And it's all free...can't get much better than that I guess!


More info:
Starting at 10am on Friday, September 17th stop by Union Square, San Francisco, CA and bring something in that doesn't fit (which will go to Goodwill®) and at the same time, get something that does. A free pair of Levi's® Curve ID jeans. New custom fits for women. It's first come, first served so get there early!

What: Levi's "Wear What Fits" Event
When: Friday, September 17th
Where: Union Square, San Francisco, CA
Time: 10am - 6pm

*September 17th only; one pair per customer and one piece of art per customer.
While supplies last.

(Check back later for photos from the event)