I never thought I'd see this again!

"Break the Chain" was among the first (if not THE first) fully animated hip hop video ever! It was created and directed by artist Kyle Baker and KRS-ONE of course.

They asked me to create the graffiti that appears near the end of the video (2:06 to be exact!). You can see my tag Man One in the lower right hand corner and my COI tag on the top left.

It was the first time I EVER used photoshop, thanks to Kyle for giving me a crash course and letting me colorize my sketches on his computer! I remember he was animating the video on his computer and he would drop one key drawing then a second one 10 frames down. Then he'd leave for lunch because it would take like an hour for the computer to animate those frames in between.

The video was actually the last part created for this series. "Break the Chain" was a comic book with a read along cassette tape! Everytime Big Joe Krash said "WORD" it was time to turn the page. I still have the cassette and the comic. I'll dig it up and post it on here. Gotta get KRS and Kyle to sign it one of these days!