So last week I led another one of my LA graffiti tours that I organize for private and corporate groups.  This time I was contacted by LACMA Docents and I put together a 2 hour tour for the group which was about 60 people deep!
Image 13

We met up in DTLA and I showed them some of the nice productions by crews like CBS, MSK, K2S and artists like Risky, How/Nosm, and Mr. Cartoon.
Image 6

Image 8

I explained to the group some of the basic terms and philosophies of graffiti and street art.  They had some excellent questions and were blown away by so much art that they had never seen or experienced so intimately.
Image 19

We wrapped up the tour back at my studio where I showed them some of my paintings, old and new.
Image 12

Image 5

Proof that graff and street art are not only for the young, but the young at heart!

If you would like to have a tour for your group or company just contact me and we'll make it happen!

*All photos by Fred Alcantar © 2013

I'm painting at LACMA tonite...

So we started this live art band a year or so ago...
Unification Theory.

The core members are myself, Overton Loyd (Pfunk artist), and Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca.

We do live collabo mash up paintings in a jazzy style while bobbing our heads to the beats of
Dj JoyFanatic and other guest musicians.

It's nothing but a party when we do this and some how LACMA is tapping our shoulders to funk
up the spot tonite!

If you can make it, check out the info below.

If not, check out the links to our art, all of tonite's artwork will be posted and for sale at
the link.

ArtWalk After Party
Saturday, May 17, 2008
BP Grand Entrance | 8:15 - 11:00 PM
More info....
www. crewestgallery. com/utheory_lacma08. html
www. myspace. com/unificationtheory