I just had the honor of being commissioned to create a portrait for my newest art collector couple, Henry and Janet. They asked me to fit both of their faces onto a single wood panel in my colorful and unique style. It was a little challenging because of the size, I usually prefer to work larger, but I was very happy with the final painting and so were they!

It’s always very satisfying to be given the freedom to create something so personal for some very good people. I think they will be enjoying this piece for many years to come!

You can see more of my portrait work or order your very own at:


Happy to announce the launch of my new site: “PORTRAITS BY MAN ONE” solely dedicated to highlighting my commission based portrait works. It’s a very simple site but with the help of our good friend and film maker Hans Fjellestad we created a nice little film to explain my process. You can always contact me direct if interested in getting a portrait done for you or a loved one at:



Happy to announce the recent completion of my newest mural entitled “FUTURO”.

It was commissioned by Palomar College in San Marcos, California where I spent almost 2 weeks painting the 15’ tall x 106’ long mural.

Completed on April 13, 2019 and assisted by my dad (Alejandro Poli Sr.), my son (Alejandro Poli III), and long time artist/friend Isaias Crow.

Read the full story HERE

Enjoy this nice series of photos by Nancy Woo below.

On May 14, I was invited back to give a few words and celebrate alongside the school’s students and faculty at the mural dedication. (Includes photography courtesy of Joe Dusel)

Below is a simple video of the opening remarks by Olga Diaz (Director of Student Success and Student Equity), Dr. Joi Lin Blake (Superintendent/President), myself (Man One), and Rocio Llamas (Palomar Student featured in the mural).

MAY 14, 2019 Mural dedication for Man One's "FUTURO" painting at Palomar College in San Marcos, California.


I was recently hired by the developers at the new Hatchspaces facility in El Sereno to create a mural that showed respect and pride for the neighborhood as well as a connection to the scientific work that would be happening inside this new facility. After many meetings and conversations we came up with an idea that would highlight the four different chemical compounds that are attributed to happiness:
dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin. We also chose to highlight local town hero and science leader Willie Zuniga. Watch the video below to give you a better sense of the project.
Video and pics shot and edited by Reggie Reagor © 2019