Photo courtesy of IRW©2012

Yesterday I attended the Planning Commission Hearing in L.A.'s City Hall on the new Mural Ordinance Draft and was able to provide my own public commentary alongside 25+ other fellow artists, muralists, and art lovers. We are close to getting this mural moratorium ended and getting a new mural permitting program up and running. I don't think everyone will be 100% satisfied with the final ordinance but it should be good enough to get muralists out there and doing our thing.  My main issue is with the proposed $199 permit fee.  I think the permit should be free and not cost artists or building owners anything to get one.

To find out more about whats going on with this issue here is a link to the draft:

The Commission is accepting written statements about the issue until February 8th, 2012

Please send letters, comments and support. LA muralists need it!