Who would've thought that one night I'd be chillin' with two of the greatest musical legends of our time: Sly Stone and George Clinton! Check out the little promo vid first..


Great meeting and hanging with Sly and chillin' once again with Dr. Funkenstein himself George Clinton.

Side by side crackin' jokes and painting Sly's RV or  the "Old School Bus" as its now been dubbed. 

I rocked the spray painted letters and Overton Loyd rocked the caricatures and George just painted whatever was on his mind!




We also painted the other side:


It was a crazy all nite freestyle paint session right smack in the hood. I don't think you can script this. Epic!

Slideshow and more pics:



My art band UNIFICATION THEORY (myself, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, and Overton Loyd) painted LIVE on stage with headliners George Clinton and PFUNK at the FUNKAPALOOZA Concert at the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, CA last Friday nite 3/23/12.

As usual we created live, spontaneous, mash up works of art with markers, spray cans, and inks. The pieces are created to the music as its being performed and its what moves us.

Then of course we gave away the pieces to lucky fans that were in attendance at the sold out show.

I never thought giving away the art during the concert would stir up such a crazy frenzy that literally had security holding people back from jumping on stage to get their hands on some art!

Sir Nose in the house!

Thanks to Overton and George Clinton for letting us do this again! 
Special shout out to the homie Baz for clicking away on my iPhone to get all these action pics!

Was a great nite of art and FUNK!


Available art from past events thru Crewest Gallery.

Past UNIFICATION THEORY gigs and events on our Flickr Page

For bookings contact:

Slideshow with more pics of the nite:

I'm painting at LACMA tonite...

So we started this live art band a year or so ago...
Unification Theory.

The core members are myself, Overton Loyd (Pfunk artist), and Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca.

We do live collabo mash up paintings in a jazzy style while bobbing our heads to the beats of
Dj JoyFanatic and other guest musicians.

It's nothing but a party when we do this and some how LACMA is tapping our shoulders to funk
up the spot tonite!

If you can make it, check out the info below.

If not, check out the links to our art, all of tonite's artwork will be posted and for sale at
the Crewestgallery.com link.

ArtWalk After Party
Saturday, May 17, 2008
BP Grand Entrance | 8:15 - 11:00 PM
More info....
www. crewestgallery. com/utheory_lacma08. html
www. myspace. com/unificationtheory

Detroit show: Sonic Visuals

My good friends and Detroit Techno fiends over at Chamanvision,
have invited me to showcase some smaller works in an interesting
upcoming exhibit.

An art exhibition of P-Funk, Hip Hop and Detroit Techno visuals

Featuring the artworks of:
George Clinton (funk music innovator/artist: Parliament-Funkadelic)
Overton Loyd (artist: Parliament-Funkadelic)
Hideki Nakajima (art director/designer: code/Ryuichi
Abdul Qadim Haqq (artist: Red Planet, Underground Resistance)
Naheed Choudry (photographer)
Man One (graffiti artist)
Kiyoshi Takami (designer)
Ritzy Periwinkle (hip hop photographer/designer)
Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca (artist: Axis Records, Los Hermanos,
Metroplex, Deep Space)
and others

posters, prints, books and original artwork will be for sale

Exhibition Dates:
Friday May 25 through Tuesday May 29, 2007

Exhibition Hours:
noon to 6pm

Opening Reception:
Friday May 25, 2007 from 7pm to 10pm

Metroplex Room
3000 East Grand Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 972-3000


SonicVisuals is an art exhibition of P-Funk, Hip Hop and Detroit Techno
visuals. All of the artists in this art exhibition create visuals for
record covers and live music shows.

The SonicVisuals art exhibition is presented by Submerge, Detroit [www.submerge.com].
The location of the SonicVisuals art exhibition is the Metroplex Room in
the Submerge building, located near the historic Motown Hitsville
building on Grand Blvd. in Detroit. The Metroplex Room is named in
honor of Juan Atkins’ groundbreaking Techno/Electro record label

The SonicVisuals art exhibition Opening Reception is on Friday May 25,
2007 from 7pm to 10pm. The art exhibition runs from Friday May 25
through Tuesday May 29, 2007. The exhibition hours are from noon to

The SonicVisuals art exhibition will be during the Movement 2007
electronic music festival: