Every year Pantone announces it's color of the year to a global audience of eager fashion designers, interior decorators, brands, designers, and basically anyone who deals with color in their perspective fields.  Pantone reached out and asked if I would participate in helping them with the early December launch for the color of the year. Of course I said yes!  

This year was a first on many levels for starters there would be 2 colors of the year not one for 2016.  Named Rose Quartz and Serenity I was asked to bring my creativity to the table. So using Venice Beach as my back drop I created a signature "Man One" graff style focusing on the pastel hues at hand.

That day the sky decided to be in agreement and mimicked the colors I was working with. Wow! Couldn't have asked for a better result. I also created some bespoke Pantone inspired spray can labels just to add that extra touch. Thousands of international Instagram views and comments later, I say it was a successful launch!

Man One signature spray can series for Pantone. Coming soon??

Man One signature spray can series for Pantone. Coming soon??

Getting likes on Pantone's official Instagram account.

The morning after.

Thanks to this collaboration I was featured on a few websites like: LATACO and PFSK

Aside from my mural here in L.A., we ( helped orchestrate other murals in Miami and New York at the same time.  Check out the work over there by my crew mates Marka27 & Werc.

Photos: Reggie Reagor © 2015