Very happy to announce that you can now view my mural at the new Arts District Park located at the corner of 5th and Hewitt!

The mural titled "Graffiti Spirit of L.A. Renaissance" depicts my version of a modern Quetzalcoatl & god of the arts. It's hands on the tools that created the Arts District (brushes & spray cans) it's wings and halo represent the City of Angels and how it's currently balancing all of it's weight on one hand. Underneath the spirit is the landscape of the Arts District and it's future with a nod to the new 6th street bridge to be erected soon.

Big thanks to ArtshareLA and Councilman Huizar for making this happen.


My newest mural "ELEPHUNKTL" in Lincoln Heights.  

I wanted to combine the importance of cultures and how they make up this unique
Los Angeles neighborhood, the 2nd oldest in the City.

The mural depicts a multi-armed elephant that symbolizes the Asian influence in the neighborhood.  Although I didn't mean it to directly reference the Eastern god Ganesha, the Chinese view the elephant as a symbol of wisdom and strength. This neighborhood, specifically the building that hosts this mural, 
has been the home for many garment companies who have been employing Asian seamstresses for decades.  The work ethic and long hours these mostly Asian women put in daily is what made me want to use the elephant as a symbol in the mural.

Behind the head of the elephant-like figure are large colorful Aztec feathers and plumes. Obviously the Mexican influence in this part of town is undeniable.  Directly across the street from the mural is Lincoln Park and the Parque de Mexico where hundreds of Aztec dancers gather each year to celebrate near the statue of the last Aztec Emperor, Cuahtemoc.  

Finally, the reference to the spray can necklace and the aerosol tip 
the creature is pointing at, are a nod to the young people of this area, almost like the patron saint of street art to this community.

This mural is part of the #Latagrafica campaign bringing murals and art to Angelenos in 2014 and was made possible by Red Bull.  Here are some pics of the mural unveiling held at the Sweatshop Studio.



Man One by Rachel Syms
Echo Park Film Center — August 29, 2009

'Man One' was made as part of the Echo Park Film Center's Youth Film Class: Persistence of Vision. Each student met with various Graffiti/Mural artists in Echo Park and Los Angeles to talk about the significance of street art in our neighborhood.

Find out more about this great community resource: