Hitting the #BullseyeU @zipcaru @target @ford #focus #streetart #graffiti #art #livepainting
This week I was commissioned by to paint one of their cars at a huge Target event they were sponsoring for a day over by UCLA.

Bullseye University was a real time, live streaming show that had top Youtubers living in dorm rooms for the week.

Every room on the "set" was furnished with Target's products and could be purchased directly via the live stream by just clicking on the product. Pretty intense marketing strategy and quite the production.

I spent the whole day painting the car with washable paints and markers. People from all over the world got to tune in and see me paint the Ford Focus live as well as some short interviews which allowed me to tell my story as an artist, accomplishments, and insights to my art.

All and all it was a great time and good exposure for my art! Click below for more pics from that day.

Image 2Hitting the #BullseyeU @zipcaru @target @ford #focus #streetart #graffiti #art #livepainting
Image 1
Thanks #bullseyeu it was real!  @target @zipcaru @ford #focus #streetart #graffiti #art  #goodnight#graffiti #spirits #CreepingOnIn #bullseyeu for @zipcaru @target @ford #focus #streetart Tune in Online as i finish painting this car btwn 7-7:30pm

ZIPCAR, a set on Flickr.


So I painted a set for the Black Eyed Peas for this new commercial. The concept of the commercial is actually pretty cool. I did a lil piece on a wall for Will.I.Am to get lost in. Here's the video and some behind the scenes...and oh yeah, the graff piece I did says MAN!

Plus I got to meet Fergie...
she was actually very nice and down to earth. Big ups to my homegirl Patricia!