Once again in Derry, North Ireland where I have been invited as an international artist to lead a graffiti workshop.  More info and pics below:

Youth Art Conference - A free event for Young People
Date: 2nd - 4th November 2011    Venue: Playhouse Derry - Londonderry

My Say! Youth Art event will give young people and their youth leaders the opportunity to have their Say on Northern Ireland’s segregated communities and education system. We are inviting youth clubs, community, church and school groups to join this artistic and creative event. Art workshops include theatre, graffiti, poetry & rap, and street art. 

The kids from the different communities chose the word FUTURE:

They were broken up into groups and each painted a letter in their own style with their own meaning:

At the end we put all the panels together and were installed at the Playhouse for all to enjoy:

More pics on my Flickr