So the beginning of the New Year 2013
 starts off with many new and exciting changes and projects for me!

After 10 years of curating monthly exhibitions at my gallery Crewest in DTLA, we decided to close our doors on Dec.31st, 2012.  Although many of our artist friends and fans were surprised and a bit saddened by the news,  it was time to move on to bigger and better things!

I love representing artists and curating shows, but it was becoming a huge burden to keep the space going and juggling my own artistic career as well.  Looking forward to the next evolution of Crewest...but you'll have to continue following us to see what's in store!


So with that said, I am opening up my new Man One Art studio and going back to painting and creating my art full time! I'm already off and running with so many art projects on the table, including commercial gigs, private commissions, and public art opportunities.  
I'm moving fast, so don't blink!

You may have also seen me on my first TV appearance of the year last weekend on the Food Network's competition show, "Sugar Dome".  The 80's themed episode had me working alongside 2 other cake and sugar artists as we battled for the prize against 2 other teams.  Long story short, we won! I'll post a blog with pics and a bit more info shortly.

Also look out for me as I star in a brand new episode of MTV'S "MADE"...more details to come, but it will air in a few weeks. I also have a small cameo in an upcoming VH1 reality show and my art will also appear in a new Nick Cannon movie. Can't spill the beans yet either, so stay tuned for that too!


If you haven't seen my website lately, check it out:

I'm constantly adding new content including pics, videos, and very soon my very first Man One Art Online Shop! You'll be able to get exclusives straight out of my studio, including paintings, prints, posters, custom toys, sticker packs, tees, and all kinds of other goodies!


On the painting front, I am creating a new body of work to be released later this year. Look for my artwork on some billboards and in galleries as far away as the UK.

Most importantly, I'm taking it back to the streets!
I have massive walls planned for LA and a few other choice cities around the world.

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