I was recently commissioned by Shiekh Shoes to create a 200 foot mural to adorn the outside
of their new Hollywood location. Had a great time creating it and by the amount of photos
people are taking, it seems my oversized creatures rocking kicks is working out!

If you stop by the wall, take a pic next to your favorite kicks and tag me!
(@ManOneArt #SneakerCreatures)

Video by my man Reggie Reagor:

Some fun pics of the mural...

Click here for more pics on my Flickr



In case you haven't seen this, I was asked by StyleHaul to create this "Graffiti My Life"
canvas which they time lapsed to tell their company's story.

It's very different from a lot of things I have done, because
so much needed to be jam packed to fit within the 35 feet of canvas and still make sense.

I think we accomplished what we set out to do and the final video piece is already at over
100k views and people are digging it!

It was like doing illustration, animation, sign painting, story telling and graffiti all in one.
Check it out and enjoy.


I was recently commissioned by Staples Center to create a mural for rock band Bon Jovi to welcome them to Los Angeles for their sold out concert on April 19, 2013.

I integrated their iconic logo bursting out of a brick wall with a Bon Jovi piece on it. Nothing too crazy, just something fun and simple, with DTLA buildings silhouetted in the background.

Best part is I got to keep the canvas.

So if you're in the market for a 10'x14' canvas with your favorite band Bon Jovi graffitied across it, then lets talk!

Here's the final result, enjoy the pics and videos.


Video: Making of the mural

Timelapse only video:

Slideshow or click for more pics: