I'm really enjoying designing and creating these enamel pins! I'm hoping to drop a new set every couple months. Here are some that I have available on my website now. Just click on your favorite or the button below to check them all out. Only $10 each (while they last).


I was recently commissioned by Footaction to create a mural in their East Los Angeles store on Whittier Blvd. They gave me a lot of liberty with the art and just wanted something that reflects what I do in the context of our Latino culture. I call this mural "Somos Raza". If you stop by don't forget to tag me on any photos you post!
Enjoy the time-lapse video below.

Man One teams up with Footaction to create a new interior mural titled "Somos Raza" for their East L.A., Whittier Blvd. location. Assisted by Realms, edited by Reggie Reagor.

Man One © 2018


People are always asking me, "where can we find all your murals?"

Finally I can say "HERE!"

It's definitely a work in progress, but off to a good start. If you have murals that I can't remember or
that you would like me to add, please contact me.  In the future I hope to also add murals that have
been whitewashed or destroyed, but for the moment these are many of the murals that are still up and


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Los Angeles Public Library has teamed up with Man One to present a series of workshops throughout the city as part of their LA MADE programming for 2018!

These workshops will give a hands-on approach to understanding this unique art form. The program will highlight the artist's work, a brief history, and a hands-on demonstration of chosen graffiti elements or techniques. 

Click on image for more details about these workshops from the official LA MADE site.

Click on image for more details about these workshops from the official LA MADE site.

Check out the first workshop I did back in February at the Baldwin Hills Branch from their live Facebook link: HERE


Last month, and thanks to Crewest, I was asked to create a mural for ABC's newest TV show "The Mayor" which debuted this week.  I got to design a 14' x 48' mural that was hand painted by the guys at Colossal Media in Brooklyn, NY (on Wythe and N. 11th in Williamsburg to be exact).

The mural shows off an open faced giant sketchbook with the tag #REPRESENT repeated in different styles across the spread. My goal was to show the same word in multiple forms just like a graffiti artist practices with different styles, fonts, and colors in a blackbook.

The mural was a hit from the get go! Lots of people have been posting it via social media and taking cool IG pics in front of it. Here are some great shots to share with you. Don't forget to check out the show, it's actually really funny and has a great cast.