In case you haven't heard, I'm a officially a podcaster now!

NOT REAL ART is the name our show and I'm happy to be co-hosting it with my long time friend and collaborator, Scott “Sourdough” Power.

If you’re looking for a high brow art show streaming from an ivory tower, this ain't it.

But, if you prefer your culture served raw and unfiltered straight from the front-lines, NOT REAL ART is just for you! We are a pro-artist and anti-art-snob show. We celebrate artists as we call out the B.S. in the art world. We're having a great time recording these episodes (as you will hear) and we will start adding guests to the show very soon!

Most episodes are only 15-30 minutes long to make it easy to binge on. 
So have a listen and please like, share and comment, we love to hear the feedback!

Photos by BIRDMAN
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Enjoying my 15 seconds of fame! 

Some of you may have recently seen my mug and mural featured at the beginning of this commercial spot for PPG and YES it was all hand painted using actual PPG TIMELESS exterior paints! 

*No aerosol spray cans were hurt in the creation of this mural! Lol.


Excited to be part of this temporary exhibit at the Rendon in the Arts District. I decided to participate in a different fashion than normal. Instead of painting I've decided to create a humanitarian art performance or intervention as I'd like to call it. Read below for my concept...

NOT REAL ART | an art residency | Room #37
featuring the work of skid row artist:
(presented by Man One)

I found it ironic (and thought provoking at the same time) that a hotel was willing to give me the “keys” to a room and provide “shelter” for my art while thousands of our homeless brothers and sisters live in tents on the streets all around this hotel in it's Downtown Los Angeles location.

I decided to take advantage of my “privilege” (as an invited artist) to shine the spotlight on someone who could benefit more from all the attention of this artistcentric
experience rather than me. It quickly became evident that an artist intervention would be the most honest way for me to express myself at this event.

My humanitarian art performance piece, that I’m simply calling the “NOT REAL ART: an artist residency”, is to host an up and coming homeless artist to take over the room that I had been granted by the organizers and see what he could do with such a space if given the chance.

Thanks to my skid row friends and art activists, General Jeff and SkidRobot, I was introduced to the fabulous work of an incredibly gifted “jedi artist” simply known as: ShowzArt

His transformation of room #37 gives the viewer a split view of his two worlds. Half the room is a safe look into his current conditions of living and creating on the streets of skid row while the other half is his bright and optimistic future (and soon to be self-fulfilling prophecy) of being recognized and taken seriously as the contemporary fine artist that he is. A yin yang experience, if you will, of artistry and creativity awaits for you inside.

*Thank you to Cindy Schwarzstein and the organizers of this event for allowing amuch needed dialogue about the important issues we face daily in our community like gentrification, displacement and homelessness in Los Angeles.

You can buy tickets here.

*Check out the teaser video and process pics below...

ShowzArt Bio:
ShowzArt, is a virtuoso artist or rather an “art jedi” (as he prefers to be known). Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1977; he attributes his passion for community and “making a difference” to his mother Sherita J. Herring (of the Kreative Images Foundation). Early in his life she instilled it upon him that it's important to inspire and support others.

He also credits his father, Gerrie E. Herring (also an artist), with his illustrative abilities. Where as early as he can remember, ShowzArt sat next to him, absorbing everything he could from his unique artistic talents.

At the young age of 6 years old, he relocated with his family to the west coast and landed in South Central Los Angeles. Around 1988, he was first introduced into the graffiti tagging game of his peers but once in high school, he dropped the cans and picked up the brushes. He’s always understood that what sets him apart from the crowd is his abilities as an artist no matter the medium.

Actively working from the streets of Skid Row in Downtown LA, to sitting in the board rooms of City Hall, Showzart has consistently been instrumental in fighting for equal rights for everyone, and creating programs and services that aid not only the disenfranchised, but create opportunities for all races, religions and nationalities.

He is currently working hard on his dream career goals of showing his fine art in major galleries around the globe so he can experience life travelling the world with his two kids.

Interested in collecting the art of ShowzArt?
Contact me:




Very excited to announce the long awaited online release of my print "Quvo Trejo" created in collaboration with Trejo's Coffee and Donuts, printed by Sugar Press and personally hand signed by myself and LA icon Danny Trejo himself!

Print Details -
Man One
Title: Quvo Trejo
Edition: Archival pigment print on 100% recycled Sugar Paper, from an edition of 100
Size:  24"X16"
Markings: Hand Signed by Man One & Dany Trejo.
Numbered and titled with Sugar Press chop mark

*Print officially drops online at noon (pst) on 5/19/18
**Pre-orders available now!