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Photos by Adam Reynolds & Shane Passantino (Scopo Studios)


"Mamá y Papá"
Lincoln Heights, CA

This mural was created in 2017 as an homage to my beautiful parents Alejandro and Fidelia. 
I had been wanting to create a mural dedicated to them for the longest time and finally the right
opportunity presented itself.

I was approached by Thrillist to create a mural for their client Estrella Jalisco and the only instruction
was that it needed to reflect Mexican culture. So I pitched to them the most Mexican thing I knew of,
my parents! 

They loved the idea and the project began. I had roughly 4 days to complete the mural since they
had a film crew capturing the entire production of the art. The final video was released as a commercial
spot all over the internet. I am very pleased with the final piece, click on the video below on the left. I think you'll love it too.