The image I chose to create for this mural is that of a little girl playfully daydreaming about brightly colored birds flying off into the distance of this otherwise drab Downtown LA alley.

"voLAr" by Man One © 2014

"voLAr" by Man One © 2014


The little girl depicted is the actual daughter of the building owner and I wanted passerby's to feel a sense of happiness, love and innocence once they stumbled upon the mural.

"voLAr" (detail) by Man One © 2014

The graffiti lettering says "volar" which means "to fly" in Spanish. It also has the letters "LA" in the middle of the word which as you can see were meant to be highlighted.  The campaign is about the faces as much as it is about the City of LA.

"voLAar" (detail) by Man One © 2014

FacesLA is a mural campaign focused on creating large multi colored portraits of people considered worthy of recognition, not because they are famous or celebrities, but simply because they are common Angelenos.  Ranging from community leaders to family members or just happy playful children, these murals will serve to re-shape the landscape of the City of LA.  Man One will also be hiring young apprentices to help in the creation of these works of art.  For Man One, mentorship is a vital aspect of passing on the knowledge of public art making.

As a native Angeleno, Man One knows that L.A. is more than just Hollywood glitz and glamour.  L.A. has countless stories to tell that are hidden within beautiful communities of multi-ethnic people.  These people are hard-working and thankful to live in this "City of Angels" and Man One is proud to shine the spotlight on them through this colorful campaign.

Although private funding has been secured for the first few murals, Man One is always looking for others who are interested in supporting this campaign.  If you're a building owner and can offer wall space or would like to give financial support or simply nominate a possible "face" for the campaign, please contact Man One.

Please share this campaign using #FACESLA on all your social media accounts and help Man One re-brand, re-shape, and re-face Los Angeles!

To get involved contact: