This is my quote from the L.A. Times...

..."In contrast to gang graffiti, artistic graffiti has nothing to do with territory, threats or violence," says Crewest owner Alex "Man One" Poli. "Artistic graffiti is all about expression."

A respected graffiti artist in his own right, Poli moved his 5-year-old gallery from Alhambra to a bigger location in downtown L.A. last March and says his new gallery has been well received by the artistic community and is part of Gallery Row and the Downtown Art Walk.

"The new location brings people into the gallery who normally wouldn't think twice about a gallery featuring graffiti art," he says. "The art's really powerful and bold, and it really captures people's attention once they see it, and when they learn it's done with a spray-paint can, it really blows their mind."

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Off the streets, into the gallery