My exhibition "Poppin' Caps" opened up on January 15 and will run until March 1st.
Go check it out next time you're on the block!

Here's the video recap and some pics below that:

You can always purchase some of the artwork here: www.crewestshop.com

Open Space: Cafe | Theater
457 n. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

*Photos courtesy of Reggie Reagor
(Click on pics for more images)



Here are some of my paintings currently showing at Gordon Gallery in Derry, Northern Ireland.

These paintings were created specifically for our crew's group show "Continuing Our Invasion" which  I curated and will be up in the UK until August 31st, 2013.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please contact the gallery at:

Untitled"Falling Caps"  48"x48"  Spraypaint and Acrylic on canvas, 2013

Untitled"Falling caps"(Detail)

Untitled"Belly Ache" 48"x48" Spraypaint and Acrylic on canvas2013

Untitled"Preying on Culture" 48"x48" Spraypaint and Acrylic on canvas2013

Untitled"Preying on Culture" (Detail)

IMG_2578 - Version 2"Seduction" 24"x24" Spraypaint and Acrylic on canvas2013

IMG_2580 - Version 2"Twisted Love" 29"x24" Spraypaint and Acrylic on canvas, 2013

IMG_2582 - Version 2"Popping Caps" 27"x24" Spraypaint and Acrylic on canvas, 2013

"Startled?" 40"x24" Spraypaint and Acrylic on canvas, 2013

Untitled"Artichoke II" 41"x24" Spraypaint and Acrylic on canvas, 2013


I am now an official advisor on Pivot Planet and I am available worldwide for one on one consultations!


If you've ever been interested in changing careers or learning more about becoming a professional working artist or gallery owner, you can sign up on PivotPlanet.com and book a session with me!

I will be able to help you with any specific questions you may have about being an artist and taking your art to the next level.  I've been making a living as a professional artist for almost 20 years and can help you with anything from how to market your work, how to price your art, how to sell it, creating a collector base, how to work with galleries, and pretty much any other question you may have.

Or maybe you'd like to start your own gallery.  Since I've been running Crewest Gallery in L.A. for the last decade, I know I can advise you on important steps you'll need to take to form and run your own gallery, sales structures, marketing and pr, dealing with artists, contracts, and a ton of other stuff.

So if you think you could use some expert advise and are serious about taking your art or yourself to the next level, then I'd love to help you out!

Get more info about this opportunity at:



This Friday June 15, 2012:

Councilwoman Jan Perry and the L.A. City Council will be honoring me for my artistic services and contributions to the City of Los Angeles as well as recognizing Crewest's 10 Year Anniversary as a cultural milestone.

I'm inviting all my friends and family to join me in this very public occasion. Hope you can make it!

Friday, June 15
City Hall
200 N Spring St (enter on Main Street)
John Ferraro Council Chambers
3rd Floor

**If you need complimentary parking to attend the event please email Michael Garcia (michael.d.garcia@lacity.org) with car (make and model) and license plate number.   

Directions to City Hall
And Parking Instructions:

From the NORTH heading SOUTH
 Take the 101-freeway, exit on Los Angeles Street
 or the 2 south to the 5 south then take the 110 South to the 101 south, exit on Los Angeles.
Make a right turn and head south pass Temple St and enter into the LA Gate parking structure.
This is 1 ½ block from the freeway exit.

From the SOUTH heading NORTH

Take the 110-freeway north to the 101 south, exit on Los Angeles.
Make a right turn and head south pass Temple St and enter into the LA Gate parking structure.
This is 1 ½ block from the freeway exit.

Parking Structure can be entered from Los Angeles Street heading south ½ block pass Temple.
On the right (west) side of the street.  You must check-in at the kiosk.
You will be directed to drive underground to the P3 level. 
Take the elevator to the 2nd floor exit the building and cross the street.
Enter City Hall and check in through the security entrance.

The officers can direct you to your destination from there.



"The Downtown Artist At Large" a mural by Man One © 2012

Located on Winston St @ MaIn St. in Downtown Los Angeles, the mural commemorates Crewest Gallery's 10 year anniversary by honoring a local homeless artist known simply as "The Artist" by locals.

Timelapse video of the making of the mural:

Lamont or the "Downtown Artist At Large" (as he prefers to be called) has been a friend of the gallery since we moved to Downtown in 2006. He's had his trials and tribulations but through it all he continues drawing and painting on the streets of LA.

Here's a little video interview I did with the Artist so you can get to know his story:



Slideshow pics or go to our Flickr: